Personal Statement

Reptile business you'll have people love/hate you.

Speaking from my own personal experiences...

I could just blame it all on my partners! It's my fault too, Not being involved more know whats going on.

I was in a partnership with a couple other people back in the late 90's early 2000. Business was good everything was going great. I listen to one of my partner's an agreed to start a website an sell online he would set it all up it turned into a nightmare.
From the business end I was the one spending money on reptiles for breeding stock. They handle the shipping, advertizing, care of animals they kept. When Pastel Ball's was $7,500.00 pieds were $20k an up I only had a few animals at my place at the time didn't have the room for all of them, Everything else was at my partner's places. I was informed every week on things, I was working 50-70 hours a week didn't have a lot of time to do much else.

Once the damage was done!!! I found out from people calling me or even coming to my house for reptiles. I didn't know what was going on, Everything was in my name at the time I was just layoff from work.
I confronted my partner's they said everything was fine! When it wasn't Someone got animals with mites, People were promise animals, People were mislead on animals, Finding out about the website an the BULLSHIT misleading people using other photo's I seen it on the site my partner's covering thing up just making things worse. Hearing people bashing me for what my partners did, What do you do? Try an make it right an clear your name of it. But once people hear or know your the bad guy without knowing what's going on. YOUR THE BAD GUY FOREVER

I'm a man of my word!! I did make everything right with who had problem's. If I missed anyone I'm sorry!! Ended up losing a lot of money my partner's stealing it with the animals. Repaying customers back in the end I just step away from it all had everything closed the website shipping account everything.. I still kept reptiles an added more, Just never advertize them sold to people I knew or wholesale them out..

In the end my name was bashed one of the bad guy's!!!

So why start up again? I met a wonderful woman that my heart an soul she has a passion for reptiles like myself. We want to share it with everyone even if people hate me or not. We decided what you see is what you get NO BULLSHIT.. High quality animals that you can afford, No mites or sick no misleading people just the truth. We have done business with other's an couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. You can see me as two things bad guy or straight up guy with NO BULLSHIT.

Word of advise to all!!! make sure you know your partner/partners, I have learned from my mistakes, I'll never partner up with anyone again.

In closing!!! I would love your business to prove we are straight up NO BULLSHIT. For what's posted about me on other sites, I have never seen the posted to this day. People have done business with me know I'm straight up Man of my word.....